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The interactive Installation »INSECURITIES – See you hidden value« makes the communicating outgoing connections visible in real time. It shows the relation between insecure and secured connections of the user. Users can try and explore how many and which kind of connections, internet sites and applications are built and how many data they scan.

[…] Companies provide services, that we pay with our data. The»”costs for the free« remains hidden. Do we know what these companies do with our data, or what happens to them in the future? Certainly we release more and more data so that we become »more visible«. Companies can use the data to calculate our needs in order to use it for commercial purposes. In fact, they aren’t transparent to us. Wouldn’t it be fair, if those who want our visibility act the same in return? In that case we could consciously decide about connections we want to have and the price we are willing to pay for.
From an apparently worthless piece of coal as a metaphor for the data that we send, a more valuable structure is being created by making connections visible. Your personal crystal, based on the sites and services that you make use of, grows and shows off your hidden value in form of a crystalized stone. […]

March 2014 – July 2014
In cooperation with Lena Rostami & Simon Jentsch

Insecurities was part of the see conference by Scholz & Volkmer, Wiesbaden 2015

Insecurities was part of the #watch22 Exhibition, Mainz 2015


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