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Attitude and
good Design.

»I want to focus on concept instead of formalism.«
For me, Design is good when it’s done well, but furthermore,
it’s about a good feeling.

»I want to combine functionality and aesthetics.«
I believe that good aesthetics is hidden in a functional shape.

»I want to research and I want to feel.«
Not only soaking knowledge like a sponge, but also learn to use
it intuitively for my work.

»I want to fail and I want to improve.«
Good ideas rarely accrue at the first try. But every failure
leads me closer to the solution.

»I want to study and I want to experience.«
I can read hundreds of books, learning all about printing letters
and Gutenberg, but a true understanding can only be attained, if
one has expierenced the troublesome searching for letters and
the process of placing them into the right order.

»I don’t want the beautiful form,
instead I want the form which arises from the content.«

Working through the content by questioning and scrutinising
it is the only road to success.

»I want to stay authentic and I want to find myself.«
Nobody can be a good designer if you don’t know yourself.
Only if I know myself, I will be able to understand my counterpart.

»I don’t want to walk alongside others, I want to go ahead.«
Everything has been done before. But I can go forward and create
something by rearranging old matters in a new way and finally
combining them with new attributes in a new way.

»I want to listen and I want to communicate.«
»I want to be be electrified and I want to keep my ease of mind.«
»I want to try.«
»I want to show my position.«

»I want to be able to love what I do.«

  • 2007General Certificate
    of Secondary Education
  • 2007Beginn of an apprenticeship
    as a digital media designer,
  • 2010Completed apprenticeship as
    a digital media designer,
    subject area print
  • 2010Upper vocational school
  • 2012Beginn studying communication design
    at the University of Applied Sciences,

  • Spring 2015 Release: read+play: An Introduction to Typography,
    published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz
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